​​​​5 Birds Farm is named for our five awesome kids who were one of the many reasons we chose to move to Vermont.  Slowing our hectic lives down a bit has been a great change for all of us!

We started our journey back in Pittsburgh, PA when we sat down for dinner on our 16th wedding anniversary.   Louis & I decided  that we wanted to move to Vermont and live a life more in touch with nature, grow our own food, and be able to live a more intentional life together.  We decided that starting a farm fit right into our plan.  Our friends and family  helped put our first garlic bulbs in the ground and we bought our first lavender from our local nurseries, and every year we grow a bit larger!   We open our farm for agri-tourism to share this experience  and renting our beautiful barn for your private events means even more people will see the beauty of Vermont!

Our Story

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