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Reaching into a glorious Vermont sky!!

Our Completed Barn 

​Spring 2018

Our 1820's Barn Re-establishment
5 Birds Farm purchased an 1820's English barn in 2017and has brought it into the modern century .  We are determined to build our farm on sustainable principles and rebuilding a 200 year old barn on our farm is just the start of our efforts. Our beautiful English barn was moved to our property the summer of 2017 and is the hub of our farm, we look forward to sharing its beauty with you when you visit our farm!

Taking down the barn began on a glorious summer day!  Today the 1st roof made of metal came down and is being donated to a local family for a new roof, this is the true meaning of sustainability... use all the parts!  Two more shingled grooves also need to come off, that is a lot of roof weight for this old gal to hold!  The Piconi boys have been on deck taking down vintage shingles that we will reuse in a later project and de-nailing boards. As the roofing boards started coming down, there are 19th century saw marks on the boards from the up-and-down water powered sawmill!  WOW!!

The last of the huge barn beams have arrived at 5 Birds Farm and are ready to be cleaned and recalibrated for their new location and the 
foundation begins.